Woman Stops This Man From Taking His Pregnant Wife To Hospital For A Shocking Reason

One thing is sure! When it comes to inhumanity, man or woman cannot be the primary reason behind the cause. Being inhuman is a nature one builds within. Most of the times, men will be picturized as the scapegoats in social hierarchy when a woman is harassed, moreover there is no such intolerance from media when a man is disturbed or a woman is disturbed by another woman.

The video recording of a woman not letting a man pass through is going viral on social media and You Tube, on teh other side, the man has his wife struggling with the pregnancy pains in the car.

The detailed story through the video shows a scene from an accident that reportedly took place on the NH8 between Ghaziabad and Modi Nagar. A man who was taking his pregnant wife to hospital in a car happened to scrape his vehicle against an Audi. The owner of the luxury car, a woman, reacted by taking away his car keys and refusing to let them go.


Meanwhile, that man’s wife, evidently in labour, sitting on the passenger’s seat helplessly, as her husband and others tried to persuade the woman to give the keys back.

Contrary to the poor condition of the pregnant woman, the AUDI woman was determined to not return the car keys and did not listen to anybody. Soon after her refusal, the police intervened into the case and tried their best to let her return the keys to the husband so that he can take his pregnant wife to the hospital, surprisingly, didn’t give up yet.

Watching the whole incident, crowd now became furious and are about to agitate, noticing the situation, the woman got nervous and instead of returning the keys, she simply threw it away.

Verdict is however quite a symbol of failure, the public failed to recollect the keys, police failed to tackle the issue and all this happened just because she is a woman and the laws will put shackles on the man if something even goes wrong in a pseudo way.

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