Yuvraj Singh Takes Up Shoaib Malik’s Challenge Seriously, Shows How To Dance

We all know that there is going Dubsmash ‘war’ between the cricketers Shoaib Malik and Yuvraj Singh. This has been started when Yuvraj was unimpressed by seeing the dance in Dubsmash video which was posted  by Malik alongwith his wife Sania Mirza, where they were seen dancing with other Pakistani cricketers, after Pakistan’s series victory over Sri Lanka.

In this context, Yuvraj had tweeted that “Such outstanding players! But terrible dancers”. In response, Malik added fuel to fire by reacting to Yuvraj’s tweet: “Ajjao maydaan may,” Malik was quick to retort. This has been more intensified on Saturday when YV posted a video reacting on Malik’s statement, in which the Pakistani cricketer provoked YV to show his dancing moves by saying ‘Ajjao maydaan may’, Yuvraj uploaded the video.

It seemed that Yuvi took the challenge too seriously and tried the dance of Michael Jackson’s ‘moon walk’. After posting the video, Yuvraj also tweeted: “This is how it is done! @realshoaibmalik Bhai hum tho hamesha maidan mein the.”

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