PM Modi Now Showers Satires On His Predecessor Manmohan Singh Quotes Him ‘Wearing Raincoat In Bathroom’, Now Twitter Can’t Resist Cracking Raincoat Jokes

After the 2014 grand election campaign, demonetization amendments, Uri attacks and everything Modi did in these 2+ years, one can undoubtedly say that ‘Never mess with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He baited all the current political leaders with his witty words and straight opinions.

Be it, Rahul Gandhi, be it, Mamta Banerjee or Akhilesh Yadav, Modi often uses right acronyms, one-liners and bright points when he aims to slam his opponent. However, till now he has been rightfully blaming the Congress party for all the things the party failed to do in these many decades. Despite taking a dig at all other politicians, Modi till now didn’t say anything about former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Here came a moment, somehow the topic of Political and Social instability during the reign of Congress was on the table and this time Modi didn’t hesitate to criticise Manmohan Singh.

While describing then situation, Modi took a move forward went saying, “Even though many scams took place in the country, Singh’s image remained clean.”

Further added, “People should learn from Dr Singh how to bathe in a bathroom wearing a raincoat.”

His words in RajyaSabha are however condemned by the Congress leaders, they immediately staged a walkout urging Modi to apologise as quickly as possible. The party further termed Modi’s words in Rajya Sabha as “extremely poor” in taste and “unbecoming of a Prime Minister.”

On the other hand, Twitter doesn’t give a shit about these things, what all netizens need to survive is making fun out of anything, and yes! they did it this time too and the tweets were quite funny, read them below:

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