23-Year-Old Indian Student Dated An Italian Woman For 2 Years, Here’s Her Last Letter To Him

Who knows whom we are going to meet tomorrow? and what they bring with them, maybe joy or pain! Now, just as this is a valentine week, here at allindiaroudup, we thought of giving people a pleasant yet aching love story that touched our hearts. This story is a mix up of pizza and biryani, and yes! we love both of them, isn’t it?

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It all started in IIM Ahmedabad, Chitwan, a 24-year-old aspiring entrepreneur has made it to IIM after a year-long struggle. While everything is quite rewarding for his efforts that were put in CAT, his life took an unexpected turn and this turn can be called as ‘Sherlin’. She came in as an Exchange-student from Italy and things that were never expected has happened to her.

The duo met during their first year in college in the freshers’ party. Though their first meeting was a strange coincidence it came up becoming a strong relationship with the followed by dorm parties. Just after all this, Chitwan agreed to go with Sherlin for a Jaisalmer trip and that is where their love blossomed. Despite the varying cultures and major differences, the duo did their best in building a relationship, it only grew well with time.

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But, just as time united them, it is the same factor that brought the end of their relationship. After two years of bonding, it is Sherlin’s time to leave for Italy as she completed her degree. And, just as she is all set to leave him, she left a letter for Chitwan which left him in tears.

It read, “You’re my favorite miracle and India has given me so much to live with. Hope to reunite with you someday.”

Talking about Sherlin, Chitwan says, “She was kind and compassionate. I don’t know why she liked me out of all people who liked her on campus. We went to Rishikesh for a trek on our October break. We took a lot of pictures, we took a bike trip at night on the riverside to Haridwar. It was cold and lonely as hell. The one week was a great experience.”

The story isn’t over yet. It has been a year of all this. Both of them are now writing letters to each other despite the presence of the superfast Internet. Chitwan further adds, “I still remember her in tears when she left campus with a long letter she had written to me. We both knew that we had to move on, but I still cherish the time I spent with her”.

Well, let us hope they both will meet and have a bright life ahead.

Note: This story is written based on the real events, we took the liberty to change the names.

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