Villager Steals Bikes To Pay Panchayat Fine To Live With His Lover, She Runs Away With Another

In our daily life, we come across many star-crossed love stories that make our day. This story that took place in Rajasthan is otherwise. The 22-old Ramesh never expected that he will end up paying a huge price for falling in love. This young man from Udaipur’s nearby village fell in love with a woman whom he met a woman a year ago, eloped with her and started living together.

man steals bike

However, soon after this happened, the woman’s family is completely upset with her elopement, called a panchayat or village council, which imposed a fine of Rs 40,000 on Ramesh. They said the money was to be paid to assuage the anger of the woman’s family and for him to be able to live with her again.

Helpless Ramesh now found an absurd solution to sort out this problem, he resorted to stealing motorcycles to pay the fine. But the time he saved the money, the woman eloped with somebody else. The tragedy for the jilted lover did not end there.

man steals bikes for his gf

The story didn’t end here, post this, along with two accomplices, he was apprehended and arrested by the police at a check post late on Friday last week. He narrated his story to the police during interrogation. The concerned station house officer of Hiranmagri police station in Udaipur, Sanjeev Swami, said, “He told us that he started stealing so that he could pay the fine imposed on him. One of his associates, Thawar, is a notorious thief.”

Cops went revealing that they had recovered 12 motorcycles from the trio and the accused confessed to stealing some 50 motorcycles in the past few months. They used a master key to unlock the motorcycles and took them away through unconstructed roads. Ramesh and Thawar stole the bikes and Premchand, a mechanic, dismantled the vehicles and sell their parts separately.

As of now, the three were presented in the local court and are in police custody. After all, all we can do is pay condolences to the poor lad who completely has fallen in love with her.

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