Actress Kajol Fell in A Mall, The Moment was Captured and is Now Going Viral

Being a star puts you in spotlight 24/7. You can not escape it, at least for the most part. Which means anything could go viral about you. Maybe it could be an oops moment or something which should have had not been public.



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Something similar happened with Actress, Kajol Devgn, who had to attend an event at a mall in Mumbai, accidentally lost her control and fell. The actress had gone to attend an event at Health & Glow store in Phoenix Marketcity when the unfortunate incident took place.

As always she was looking utterly stylish. She was wearing a white knee-length dress and a neat ponytail.
The actress was on her way to the store when she slipped and tumbled down on the ground. She had to take the help of one of her bodyguards to get back.

Take a look at this video.




Now a video has gone viral on Instagram, that captured the incident. Which is both shocking and worrisome. We hope that the actress did not sustain any injury and is doing fine.

In 2015, during the trailer launch of her film ‘Dilwale’, Kajol was saved by her co-star Varun Dhawan from an embarrassing fall. It could have been an oops moment for Kajol when she suddenly slipped on the stage and was about to tumble off as soon as Shah Rukh Khan made his entry. However, her co-star Varun was quick to respond and deftly averted the disaster from taking place. He held on to her firmly until Kajol regained her composure at the stage.




Recently, the 43-year-old actress was in the news, as she did the voice over of Helen Parr aka Elastigirl in ‘Incredibles 2’. The actor voiced the character for the Hindi version as the matriarch of the Parr family that includes husband Bob and children– Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack — in the Disney-Pixar film.

We hope that she didn’t sustain any injuries from the incident and is fine. We hope for the best as always for the actress and all her upcoming projects, movies and events. She truly is one of the top Queen of Bollywood.

Actress Kajol Fell in A Mall, The Moment was Captured and is Now Going Viral

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