Australian Tourist Loses His Life While Parasailing In Thailand, Watch The Horrific Video

Adventure sports are must and necessary for the adrenaline freaks. Once in a while, it is mandatory for us to conceive this another side. There is partly no way that such sports can lead to unfortunate things. The Incharges and the authorities often bail up the deeds with proper precautions.

However, it seems that Australian Tourist Roger John Hussey’s fate has to offer him something diffferent, in a bad way. While trying to experience some adrenaline rush, this Thailand tour has ended up taking his life, the parachute’s equipment denied supporting him, just like the much-needed boat’s assistance.

Getting into the details of the victim, ‘he fell 70 meters (230 feet) to his death while parasailing’ police said Thursday. Post the accident, Hussey was briefly conscious when medics reached him Wednesday, but he died shortly afterward in a hospital, said police Lt. Col. Pichai Songmuang. The parasailing operator and the boat driver have been charged with negligence causing death, which must be done.

When asked about the accident, Hussey’s wife, Boosabong Tongsanga, said that her husband has been watching people parasail for days before he decided to do it. “We thought it was safe,” she said.

Watch Video:

The video of the accident soon went viral on social media, in the video, one can see Hussey smiling before starting the sport. This incident attracted the authorities attention and it was observed that Parasailing, being important water sport in tourist destinations like Phuket is apparently done out of proper safety measures.

Officials then revealed few more personal details of Hussey, sources claim that Hussey was CEO of an investment company and served on the boards of several government and community bodies including as deputy chair of Landgate, which is Western Australia state’s land information authority.

“He served the West Australian community in many ways – as a businessman, board member and advocate for a variety of community causes,” it was mentioned in the written statement given by the Landgate, they also added that Hussey was intelligent and energetic since the very inception.

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