Bizarre video of man licking a stranger’s doorbell goes viral, even the police is confused

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The man, who has been identified as 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo, was also filmed relieving himself as well as moving an extension cord around the garden.

An unusual video released by The California Police went viral after it showed a man licking a doorbell, it left a lot of the viewers confused. In the video, you can see a man that was trespassing the front yard of a house, later on, things got weird as he walks near the doorbell and starts to lick it.

The man who was seen licking the doorbell has been identified as 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo. He was also seen relieving himself in the garden along with an extension.

A spokesperson from the Salina Police Department said: “We were pleasantly surprised the image was so clear, it didn’t take us long to identify the individual.”

House owner Sylvia Dungan was not disturbed by what Arroyo did but when they did their routine checkup on the security system, they were shocked and went to call the police and alerted them right away.

Watch the video here:


House owner Sylvia Dungan said: “You kind of laugh about it afterward because, technically, he didn’t harm anybody, he didn’t break anything,”

Roberto Daniel Arroyo could face misdemeanor charges of petty theft and prowling if found guilty in what he did. The police are now tracking him down.

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