How To Perfectly Break A Coconut In 10 Seconds Without Using Any Tools? Here Is A Tutorial

Coconuts play a crucial role in the life of two kinds of people, the hitchhiker who is lost in an Island that literally has no food, the ardent follower of Hinduism who cracks coconuts in front of the idols of their beloved gods’ idols at the temples.

In the former case, it appears like learning how to break a coconut within few seconds is very mandatory for all the adventure souls out there, the later case is, however, uncommon around the world but very common when it comes to localising the activity within India.

Surprisingly, people hit the coconut to the ground with all the strength they have, sometimes they even end up hurting their hands, though bleeding happens quite rarely.

It sounds very strange if someone says that they can break a coconut within few seconds, that too perfectly and without any knife kind of tools! Well! that is quite unbelievable, but it is real when a technique is followed.

yes! everything is possible when a precise technique is applied.

This popular Youtuber Grant Thompson explains how to open a coconut with no tools.

He says that all you need to do this is simply a pointed surface to open a fresh coconut. The trick is finding the “face” of the coconut, or the three dark spots that somewhat resemble two eyes and a mouth. Find the eyes, then follow the line between them halfway down the side of the coconut. That line is where you want to strike it against a sharp rock or other hard objects.

Now, hold the coconut so the line is perpendicular to the sharp edge of the rock, then give it a good smash. You should get a clean break along the centre of the coconut. A little water might spill out, but if you’re quick enough you can still save most of it when you peel open the coconut. However, you can save that water too if you got some glass or a bowl to fill in.

Watch The Video Here:

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