Clashes between Akshaye Khanna and Filmmakers Causes Harm to Project

Akshaye Khaana is the bollywood film actor son of legend bollywood actor late Vinod Khanna. Akshaye Khanna debuted in 1997 from his dad movie Himalay Putra. He is starred in some big Bollywood movies likes Dishoom, Dil Chahta Hai, Border and many more.



Recent news stated that Akshaye Khanna threw out from his upcoming movie by directors and producer. The reason behind such issues is Akshaye Khanna demands to change script again and again and also puts pressure on director to hike the fee. Producer of the film Kumar Mangat and writing director Manish Gupta said the working style of Akshaye Khanna is very disappointing, so they decided not to work with him anymore.

The movie under which they are working is Rahasya. But apart from the actor issue now the news is director and producer don’t want to work with each other. The news said that Akshaye Khanna is back in the project after settling some terms with filmmakers. Industry insider provides the news that the conflict between producer and director causes harm to project.



They said they are working on the script from last two years and waits another seven months for post sign off the contract with Kumar Mangat. Still the project is stagnant. Afterwards, actor Akshaye Khanna delayed the shoot by giving their utmost priority to his other projects and after wrapping up other projects, he wasting time by asking revised the terms again.

Kumar Mangat is ready with the script and wants to start the shoot as soon as possible, but all this trouble restricts him to do so. He also expressed that he would find some other producer for his script. director said it’s not going well with Kumar Mangat. He issued the notice to writing director who owns the copyright of script.



Other sources blamed that Manish script is leaked too and various other parties have copies of it in which Manish name is removed. On June 15th writer issues a legal notice against Director Mangat and his company in Bombay High Court. He also wants that court allowed him to complete this project with some other producer.

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