Dash Cam Captures A Near Miss Of A Crashing Plane Into Traffic

A near miss in Toronto was captured by a Dash Cam yesterday. The video clip shows a vehicle driving near the Buttonville Municipal Airport of Toronto when a plane passes in front of it while it was crashing, luckily the driver of the vehicle was not harmed.

Transportation Board Of Canada said that the private plane is a single-engine Cirrus SR20 Aircraft, it attained significant damage after the incident.

Officials said that the pilot and the passenger who were onboard the plane only attained minor injuries and did not require to go to a hospital.

The video of the incident was also posted on an Instagram page called 6ixbuzztv.

If the car was traveling faster, the plane and the vehicle would have collided and could have resulted in serious injuries or even death.

The local police said that the plane was privately owned and had just taken off from the airport, but due to some errors, the plane did not rise fast enough which led to the crash, it crashed into a fence across the 16th Avenue. The road was forcibly closed for 4 hours by the police as they investigated the incident and were removing the airplane from the area.

Sgt. Dave Mitchell of the York Regional Police said that it was really amazing that the plane did not collide with any passing car on the 16th Ave.

Sgt. Dave said “Obviously there was a loss of control of the aircraft. I’m led to believe it’s a male instructor and a female student in the aircraft. Thankfully, there were no injuries.”

Ewan Tasker from the Transportation Board of Canada said that the airplane was doing a training called “touch-and-go” when something went bad and caused the plane to crash.

The 2 people on the plane, an instructor and a student were treated by the Paramedics.

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