Watch: This Elderly Couple’s Romantic Dance Is Shaking The Internet With LOVE

What attracts you more when you attend a wedding? Undoubtedly it’s the dance floor which draws our eyeballs in ay event. That love lasts forever. Yes, this couple in dance floor made everyone stunned with their synchronizing steps and well-balanced moves.

And when we see an elderly couple like this, dance away to glory in their well calculated and practiced steps, we wonder if we’ll ever find the same kind of joy in our lives at such age. They are very young at heart.

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Watch The Video Here:

The video which was shared by Madhuri Prativadi on the Facebook has gone viral since then, with more than 1.5 Millon+ views and 24000+ shares.

The couple gave everyone a complex with their well-rehearsed steps. Do share your views in the comment session below.

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Did you ever find such a cute couple ? Do share your views in the comment section below.