Former McD Employee Leaks The Ugly Truth Behind McD’s Ice Cream, Check Out The Bizarre Pics

We all know how wide McDonalds’ popularity is, and how eagerly people wait to hit the nearby outlet to taste the much-awaited burger and ice cream. We, in reality, don’t bother about the background work they do in making the stuff. We simply embrace the soothing cream dripping into our throats.

So, a former employee from Mcdonalds has finally exposed the ugly truths behind the making of ice cream and the machine and material involved in it.

He shared a couple of pictures of the process, a steel refrigerator kind of machine is there in one, a rake with the greasy material is there in another one. He mentioned that the greasy material is taken from the machine that makes the ice cream. The bizarre looking pics will definitely feel gross about the process in a way that you will never have an ice cream from the outlet, never again.

His pictures alarmed the McD’s lovers, they went viral on the social media drawing in huge attention from the people throughout the world.

Soon after acknowledging this, the authorities stepped in expelling the employee. Surprisingly, he later mentioned that he got another job somewhere and this was his plan to get fired.

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Check out the tweets here:

Twitterati somehow understood the ugly reality and went bashing the outlets for this.

And, this is what he has said post the incident.

But, practically, it seems that the new employer might not be happy with this deed done by ‘Nick’. It is well known that the companies generally try to avoid whistleblowers all the way.

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