Google Maps Expose One of Taiwan’s Most Top Military Secrets

The Google Maps is designed in a way that people can see almost every street that is present in one country, but in the recent years, Google Maps has unveiled a lot of secrets and weird images, and this is why China does not allow its use in their country.

It looks like Taiwan did not get this memo, the country is currently doing a lot of efforts to hide the secret sites that got exposed by the images that were taken by the navigational application.

Google Maps showed a lot of things with its 3D renderings, it showed the Military Intelligence bureau, the National Security Bureau, and a missile base that was kept as a secret, the images also showed a defense infrastructure.

Google maps did not only showed its location and structures, but it also allowed everyone to see what type of models the missile and the launchers that are present in the secret bases.

Google released the images on Wednesday in order to offer an extension to the snaps that were taken by their original satellite of the major cities of each country, the tech giant released 3D images of Taichung, Taoyuan, Taipei, and New Taipei.

Taiwan is trying its best to lay low and keep their missile bases kept as secret as it is facing an increased pressure from Beijing, which considers Taiwan to be brought together as a single country with 2 systems’ model even if they have to do it forcibly.

Currently, the main priority of Taiwan is to maintain its national security at the max. Yen Teh-fa the Defence Minister of Taiwan said that they have assembled a task force that is set to work with Google and get the secure locations removed or blurred out from their maps.

Yen Teh-fa the Defence Minister of Taiwan said in an interview: “The site of defense infrastructure at times of peace does not indicate its location at times of war.”

Yen Teh-fa the Defence Minister of Taiwan also said that the government is looking at the issue right now and is working with Google to fix the blunder, he added that this will not affect the regular military operations that are being conducted.

In the Fort Act of Taiwan, it states that tech companies are not allowed to reveal any major military camps that are present on the island. But, this does not extend to all sites, this includes the top-secret Patriot Missile Base that is present in the District of Xindian.

Yen Teh-fa the Defence Minister of Taiwan said that: “There is a need to further review the law.”


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