Heard of Frog Marriage? BJP Minister Married 2 Frogs, And Reason will Leave You Laughing

Have you ever attended a marriage ceremony? Yes, we bet most of you have not attended this kind of marriage. A minister in Madhya Pradesh attended a wedding and primarily has got a lot of attention from social media for his involvement in superstitious practices.




What superstitious practices you ask, well the bride and groom were not human, but two frogs!. Yeah, you heard it right two frogs. You ask why, well apparently, According to ANI reports, two frogs were married off in order to please the rain, God. What came out to be more surprising is MP Minister Lalita Yadav attended the wedding.

Ani took it to Twitter and twitted,

Wedding of two frogs organised as part of a ritual held in Chhattarpur to ‘please rain gods’. Madhya Pradesh Minister Lalita Yadav who was also present says’ We have prayed to God for rain in drought-hit Bundelkhand region and the welfare of our farmers’ (22.6.18)

Surprisingly, not just one minister. But leaders of BJP organised a grand feast for the occasion. While we believe, our country has come along way from superstitions, stories like this proves otherwise. What is disturbing, not only people but the leaders as well took part in such ceremony.




The amount of money spent on all this could have been used for providing water facility to farmers, and it would have helped a lot more than wasting money on such superstitious practices.

The leaders of opposing party also commented on this unrealistic practice. Commenting about Yadav, Senior Congress leader from Chhattarpur Alok Chaturvedi said that instead of providing drinking water in the area Yadav was busy in organising such rituals.

Chaturvedi said, “It’s an attempt to divert people’s attention in the name of religion and old tradition. It would have been better if she had used this time and energy to solve people’s problems. I, through my means, supply around 50-100 water tankers in various parts of Chhattarpur city every day.”





It comes as a surprise and a shock that people are still believing in these of superstitious activity, and those who are supposed to be rational. Instead of stopping them, they joined the ceremony themselves.

Heard of Frog Marriage? BJP Minister Married 2 Frogs, And Reason will Leave You Laughing

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