[WATCH VIDEO] Japan Prime Minister Falls Over And Rolls Around In Sand Playing Golf With US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump loves playing golf and it is no secret. He had a few Golf Clubs as well. So, it wasn’t a surprise when in his recent Asia Tour he went out golfing with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Sparwlng Kasumi Country Club.

Japanese PM fell Down at Golf Club

It seemed like President Trump’s visit to Japan went without any mishaps. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe feted and flattered his American counterpart with golf games and hamburgers. They both repeatedly talked about the strength of the alliance.

But an unexpectedly, a golf gaffe came out as a twist.

Japan PM fell down at Golf Club

Shinzo Abe, who was dressed in a white sweater, hit a shot and was making his way up out of a bunker. Abe took a spill while climbing out of a sand trap. He suddenly lost balance and rolled down.

But, to save the embarrassment in front of another foreign leader, he got back on his feet swiftly in a reflex almost like a Ninja. Although, Trump did not notice the flip as he turned back and missed the spectacle.

But a Japanese helicopter caught it in full. A Japanese TV who had sent choppers to record their camaraderie caught the PM’s amazing acrobatic skill and before he knew it, the clip went viral online.

Watch The Video Here:

Abe emerged unharmed. Luckily for Abe, his lapse in balance went largely unnoticed on the green. Fortunately for the viewing public, nothing escaped the camera.

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