This Man Shaved His Girlfriend’s Head As Punishment For ‘Cheating’ On Him

It’s pretty much a basic rule in any relationship to be loyal and honest with your partner. And, how one deals with when their partner cheats on them, is different with different people. Some people just go crazy and vent out, while some people just want to quickly move on and try to forget it ever happened.

So, what happened when this man, who was believed to be part of a Brazilian drugs gang, found out his girlfriend was cheating on him? He definitely didn’t want to just forget about it and move on. What he did to his girlfriend as a punishment will leave you shocked!

The Cruel Punishment:

When this Brazilian gangster found that his girlfriend was not being loyal to him, he accused her of cheating and decided to punish her for cheating on him. So, he completely shaved the head of the girl and publicly humiliated her.

Watch the Video Here. It is absolutely disturbing.

In the video, the girl was forced to squat as the crowd gathered around her and one guy shaved all of her hair away. The other people can be heard in the background cheering and laughing as her hair falls to the ground. The guy with the razor then shaves off her eyebrows completely. Finally, the man then snatches up a handful of her clipped, thick locks and mockingly plants it on her bald head like a wig.

Another gang member – who had been issuing the orders – then hands her a mobile phone and orders her to make a call, believed to be the man she cheated with.

The video was posted online and went viral pretty quickly.

The weird thing is, the girl looks resigned throughout the video as she accepts her punishment and sits quietly as the shaving goes ahead – barely flinching when the man appears to clip her ears. She appears to accept her fate. This makes us wonder if this is normal behavior for these people or is this just the kind of thing they do when something they do not like happens? Local experts say this type of warning punishment is common in drugs cartels across Brazil to publicly shame to anyone who breaks the rules.


We get that if she did cheat he has every right to be upset and even angry over it. However, his reaction to the cheating and this behavior is not normal. It’s a bit worrisome actually. Regardless of what anyone does to you, this is just not a normal, human response to being hurt or upset.

This type of abusive behavior has made the news a lot recently. A similar incident made the news when a man in Florida shaved his girlfriend’s hair while she slept. The victim woke up to find him hovering over her holding an electric razor. He tried to flee the scene, but he was arrested on domestic battery charges.

Back in July, a similar incident took place when a man in Washington broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and shaved parts of her head. The woman told the police that he had always been jealous and that he wanted to make her less attractive to other men.

We always talk about women empowerment and how efforts are being made to make women more powerful, but these types of incidents remind us that it is far off dream to be achieved.

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