Man’s Attempt To Catch Huge Spider Appears To Go Wrong With Terrifying Results [WATCH VIDEO]

Are you scared of Spiders? Have you ever faced with a massive spider on your house ceiling? Have you ever tried to gently remove an eight-legged freak-out?

There are many people who are really scared of spiders, especially large sized ones. Yes, Spiders can be very scary, not to forget that there are plenty of variety of the species that are actually very poisonous. In February, it was reported that a Redback spider even killed Eastern Brown snake that is world’s second most poisonous snake.

man tries to catch spider in a bowl goes wrong

Spiders are terrifying yet spectacular creatures which are found in different habitats. These insects have been a subject of fascination as they have also been part of pop culture. So, what’s your reaction if you find a giant spider on the ceiling at your home?

no spider in bowl

Though few spiders species are dangerous, staring at it in fear is no solution. But for one man this fascination with a giant spider he spotted in his house proved dangerous. The man tried to secure the deadly insect in a big steel bowl, he did not try to harm or remove it in any way.

spider missed

As he gets the spider in a bowl, to his surprise he checks to find the spider missing from it. His confusion then turns to panic as he turns his head slightly to reveal the huge spider on the side of his face. The man is visibly terrified to the extent that he can’t even move.

Watch The Video Here:

The spider doesn’t move, at all and the man’s panic doesn’t look very convincing.

The video has gone viral, kicking the living daylight out of everyone. Regardless of whether it’s a prank or not, the video has gone viral on Facebook, garnering more than 69million views to date. Many users claimed that they dropped their phone seeing the creepy video.

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