NIA arrest ISIS Mastermind Mohammed Azarudeen in Tamil Nadu

On June 12, 2019, the NIA arrested ISIS Mastermind Mohammed Azarudeen, who was also linked with Zahran Hashim, a suicide bomber in the Sri Lanka Terrorist Attacks.

On May 30, a case was registered against Mohammed Azarudeen and 5 people who are from Coimbatore.

The National Investigation Agency attained an Intel about Mohammed Azarudeen that he was recruiting young people on Social Media platforms to join the ISIS.

During the arrest, the National Investigation Agency seized 29 SIM Cards, 10 USBs, 14 Cellphones, 3 Laptops, 6 memory cards, 4 hard discs, 1 internet dongle, 13 DVDs, one knife, electric bator, 300 air-gun pellets, and documents.

The agency also seized a number of pamphlets of the Popular Front of India and the Social Democratic Party of India.

The agency is currently investigating Mohammed Azarudeen and is asking him about the material they seized in his hideout.

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