This Announcement Regarding The Opening For OFFICE BOY Position Will Leave You In Exile

India currently stands in the second place regarding the population statistics. It is our country which alone is facing the critique of the rapid increase in population because we got no required resources that could feed so many. Amid all this, the current rate of employment is at a severe stake. Unemployment is India’s one of the most brutal problems. On the other hand, the strategies followed by the ongoing corporate companies are looting the worker’s time and worth like anything.

With the advent of the Internet and memes, we have been noticing that the number of people craving for the job is only increasing. Day by day, we often see the job announcements regarding one or other position and the skills required only goes high with each position. And, this time, it is the opening for Office Boy position that is It would be just another common day if this post isn’t seen by people.

This facebook post carried some really unusual context that left many group members baffled. This requirement post demanded those skills from a person which are even enough to pursue some basic white collar jobs.

The post read,

“Looking for a office boy.
I am looking for someone who can run errands, take care of the office maintenance, cleanliness and supplies on day to day basis.
Someone who can understand english.
And active at work all the time
He has to work in all the areas including travel, office clean, hygiene, basic office supplies.
Any leads would be appreciated.
Anyone interested inbox”.

Here’s how people reacted to this post:

And the comment section has never ended for a while.

After all, it is these desperate people who are running after smaller companies to secure themselves from being unemployed. After all, the companies must maintain few norms and regulations and shouldn’t try to loot the innocents.

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