Aliens Are Coming? Watch Here: The Latest ‘Viral Video’ Shot In Tasmania And Read The Intrigue Comments

Aliens and dinosaurs are both the most intriguing subjects one can ever have. Meanwhile, the Bollywood and the Hollywood has produced some jaw breaking movies that can freeze away our brains for a while.

Despite the various news noted down from the 1950s stating the traces of aliens visiting our planet Earth, there’s no proper evidential details or authenticated information that proves the presence of aliens. According to the recent news unveiled by NASA, there are seven other Earth-like planets in this Universe.

Putting aside the technical facts, here is the latest video of a fireball dropping down the ground parabolically. The video was recorded in Tasmania and it went viral garnering nearly 1,00,000 views within a short span of 6days.

She captioned it “A spectacular plane coloured by the rising sun. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Spotted here in Sorell just after 6.30am Tuesday 28th Feb 2017.”

Watch Video Here:

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