People panic as money tossed from the roof litters a street in Hong Kong

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Video capture of the event which has surprised many went viral in social media. (Source: YouTube)

An armoured track in New Jersey highway littered the road with cash in the recent past. The incident triggered panic as no one expected it. Yet again, another invent in Hong Kong happened where money tossed from the roof of the building triggered panic in the town. According to the information from the DailyMail, banknotes poured down from the rooftop scattering all over the streets of Hong Kong. That incident left people wondering and panicking.

A live recorded video of the incident surprised many and it went viral in the social media. The man responsible for this money tossing incident is called Wong Ching-kit and is now under the police custody. Also known as “Coin Young Master”, Wong went ahead to live-record his arrest.

Watch the video here:

From the video clip, money is seen falling down from the rooftop of a residential house in Shui Po district. While many people rushed to pick up the money, some could be seen recording this frenzy event. Information sourced from Sing Tao Daily shows that a total of HK $200,000 (approximately 18 lakh) was thrown from the roof.

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