Priyanka Chopra’s Longest Trench Coat At The Met Gala Made Twitter Explode With Hilarious Reactions

We all know that there is nothing that the wonder woman and Bollywood-cum-Hollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra can’t do, as she shattered the glass ceilings, wowing Hollywood in abundance. Priyanka Chopra exuded confidence and a fierceness that seems to be in line with both her international characters Alex Parrish in Quantico and Victoria Leeds in Baywatch.


Priyanka Chopra, stepped onto the red carpet at the Met Gala 2017 wearing what literally is the longest trench coat in the world. As soon as Chopra ascended onto the red carpet, wearing that iconic trench coat with not long but possibly the longest train to have graced the red carpet of the Metropolitan Museum.

We might have ever seen PC like this and she gave a whole new meaning to the classic spring staple. The 34-year-old actress rocked an interesting take on the night’s Rei Kawakubo theme, walking the red carpet in a Ralph Lauren Collection custom trench coat evening gown.

pc coat

Chopra’s outrageous trench coat isn’t the most shocking look to hit the Met Gala red carpet over the years. Styled with effortless chic, Chopra had her hair up in a Samurai knot, sleeves casually rolled up and that one-shoulder popped collar just worked wonders. People took to Twitter and shared their words about PC wearing the Trench Coat.

Here are Some Hilarious Twitter Reactions:

Basically, she looked like the coolest girl on the carpet. Then how could netizens not be wowed?

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