This Indian Believes That He Is The Reason Behind Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Losing First Position

It was definitely a sleeper win for Jeff Bezos. Being the CEO of much popular, his fortunes are doing well beyond progressing since a couple of years. Hitting a staggering $ 90.6 Billion net worth beating Bill Gates’ $90.1 Billion, Jeff won the first place and stood as World’s richest person for the first time.

In past two years, Jeff is the only tycoon to beat Bill Gates. Having 17% of shares in his company, he is comparatively young and as much brilliant as Gates.

This mile stone achieved by Jeff is simply remarkable making him only the 7th person to become World’s richest person and third American to achieve this feat, Gates and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett were the others. Gates has held the title for 18 of the past 23 years.

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Forbes has been tracking the global wealth details from the past 30 years, only five people have ranked on our annual compendium of wealth as the richest person on the planet. In between those annual lists, at least two people have briefly become the world’s richest, the most recent of whom was Jeff Bezos, who overtook Bill Gates as No. 1 on July 27 as Amazon stock surged.

However, this didn’t last for too long. Despite earning $1.5 billion in overnight becoming the richest person, his stocks soon fell nearly 1 per cent for the day to $1,046 which resulted in Bill Gates reclaiming the lead position by afternoon. Lists from the Forbes and Bloomberg claim that Jeff is now at the second position.

Describing the same, Forbes said, “Amazon stock opened up 1.6% on Thursday, adding $1.4 billion to Bezos’ net worth. That was enough to put him ahead of Gates, who was last surpassed on Forbes’ real-time rankings for just two days nearly a year ago by Spanish retail giant Amancio Ortega.”

Now, one might be wondered about what is the actual reason behind the drop in the share values instantly. However, no one can really interpret this, as shares are such a contemplating subject. But, a man from India’s Maharastra voluntarily claimed that he might be the reason behind this misfortune.

He even shared his opinion, partly a query, requesting for the confirmation on official Facebook page, went telling that he ordered something on Amazon, then canceled it (changed his mind), added that, did it result in the drop of share values? 

Check out the Facebook post here:

Well! he might have ordered something worth billions, because, Amazon lost $2.6 Billion within hours, as the shares dropped by 2 percent. Now, God knows what he ordered. 

This might be a sarcastic post by him, or, a jibe he tried to make out of the happening. Whatever it is, this post garnered much attention from social media, roping in an ultimate fun.

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