Sonam Bajwa Trolled Badly for Posting Her Fitness Video on Instagram

Sonam Bajwa is one of the best Punjabi cinema actresses. She has made her place in Punjabi cinema by her hard work. She was featured in many movies like ‘Carry On Jatta 2’ ‘Nikka Zaildar’ ‘Punjab 1984’ and many more. Sonam Bajwa also stays active on social media and shared pictures regularly to her fans.



Her recently released film ‘Carry On Jatta 2’ has also broked all the records of Punjabi cinema. This movie has become the highest-grossing film of Punjabi cinema. The effort given by Sonam Bajwa in the film is completely visible, and everyone is praising her for her part in this film.

Sonam Bajwa is also known as fitness figure of Punjabi cinema because of her everyday workout routine in order to stay fit. Recently she posted a video on her Instagram profile and which she is doing Pull Ups, and every fitness freak will get motivated after seeing this video.

She had set a fitness goal for her fans by uploading this video. Most of her fans also praise her for her fitness and hard work. She always tries to motivate her fans and asks them to do workout every day in order to stay fit.

Here is a video she posted :




Many fans praised her, but there were also some comments which were completely opposite. In the video, Sonam Bajwa is wearing yoga pants, and few of her fans didn’t like this attire. They thought that it is too revealing and they started trolling her.

Here are some comments on her post:



These type of events are increasing day by day on social media. There were few cases like this witnessed from past few days. Many actresses were getting slut-shamed for their attire and pictures on Instagram. People are trying to forcing their views on them by commenting poorly on their pictures.

Recently a TV actress was also trolled a few days back for her revealing dress, and even some of the people called her a pornstar. Don’t you think that they also have right to choose what they want to wear or not? People are getting influenced by these types of comments, and they are also trying to do the same.

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