Even Strangers Are Congratulating This Guy For Getting A New Car, What He Did Will Make You Text Him Immediately

Buying a car is obviously one of the better dreams just like buying a new house. We all crave for a car and our first car matters a lot for all of us. forget about the worth and necessity, there’s a unique pleasure in having one.

But, this man Bhawani Shankar has taken the game to whole new level. He surprised everyone with his unique take on announcing his feat. This man who bought a Wagon R took a step ahead and gave an advertisement in the newspaper about his new car along with his phone number, on the top of everything, he bluntly urged people to congratulate him on WhatsApp or directly.

man advertising new wagon r car

Well, he got replies too!

man bought new wagon r

The news came to limelight after a twitter user named ‘@aadiivaasii’ shared the picture of the same on the microblogging site, this user congratulated Bhawani Shankar on behalf of Twitter.

And, moreover, as soon as this surfaced the Internet, Twitterati didn’t shy away from expressing their happiness and congratulating Bhawani for the big thing.

Well, this is not limited to the @aadivaasii, people went sending the wishes to the proud Wagon R owner, started with the one user, it went so viral that thousands flooded his inbox leaving everyone stunned.

Netizens even shared the screenshots of their wishes to Bhawani Shankar, within a fortnight, the social media went berserk with this deed. It is all humor that unleashed in the process.

Let us check out some of the hilarious tweets:

He really mean it eh?

Safety measures included:

Attention much-needed:

He said it right!

Welcome to Wagon R club!

The coincidence huh?

Party thoi bantha hain Bhai!

Well played boy!

Aim bigger,

Someone is annoyed!

Inspired huh? Go Ahead!

Okay bro! he is real, LOL

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