Students Protest Against The Transfer of Their Beloved Teacher

We all have that one teacher in our life, who have made a significant impact on us. It doesn’t matter if they are very strict, there is something about them that they earn our respect more than anybody. We love them very much, and why shouldn’t we. They have helped us get through tough times, paid attention to us, heard us, gave solutions. There is so much a good teacher can help us with.



In a very emotional and fantastic event, student protested against the transfer of their beloved teacher. Not one or two, the whole school were crying, due to the face that their favourite teacher is getting transferred to somewhere else.

Located at Tiruvallur, Veligrm public high school’s English teacher G. Bhagwan is undoubtedly one of a kind.

During an interview, G. Bhagwan says that this is his first job. Bhagwan said – ‘I was appointed as a graduate teacher in Government High School, Velaiyagaram in 2014. In fact, if you see teacher-student ratios, then I was a surplus teacher. That’s why they (government) decided to send me to Tiruttatti, where there are relatively few employees. ‘ G. Bhagwan teaches English to students from class 6 to class 10.




However, this wasn’t acceptable by his students, and when they came to know about this, they started crying and protesting against this decision.
As soon as the students came to know about the transfer of their teacher, it was opposed in the school. Even the children’s parents also happen to support them. Everyone decided that they would not come to school on Tuesday so that the government could be told that they are against Bhagwan’s transfer.



The headmaster of the school explains that the relationship between Bhagwan and children has become something like child and parents. That is why when they came to know of their transfer, there were tears in their eyes. The children also told that before those many teachers were transferred from school but never felt like this for any teacher. After all this the government, at the moment, postponed the transfer of G. Bhagwan for 10 days.
The story is so amazing, innocent kids who respect and love their teacher so much that government had to take a knee in front of them.

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