The Superwoman of Mumbai Plane Crash, Who Saved Many Lives

Recently, we heard news of the chartered plane crash, and the plane crashed into an empty construction site. Reports suggest that the crash resulted in a total of five causalities.



However, it could have been much more disastrous. Maria Zuberi, she was Co-Piolet and crashed the plane into the construction area, instead of a school. Her decision saved many lives.

According to reports, in the Mumbai plane crash, there was another female member on board, and she was technician Surabhi, who was two months pregnant.

The deceased are captain Pradeep Singh Rajput, co-pilot Maria Zuberi, aircraft engineer Surabhi and aircraft technician Manish Pandey. A guard at the construction site also died when the plane fell on him.

It is said that the plane was making an emergency landing, after developing engine trouble. However, it wasn’t possible for the plane to reach the runway and she decided to crash the aircraft away from the school.



UY Aviation Pvt. Ltd owns the 12-seater aircraft. It comes under Kothari, a famed Pan Parag gutka brand. Even though the extent of the damage is unknown, the investigation is underway.

Former aviation minister Praful Patel tweeted this post,

Praful Patel
Saddened to hear about the unfortunate incident at #ghatkopar as Charter plane crashes in an open area. Salute to the pilot who showed the presence of mind to avoid a big mishap, saving many lives at the cost of her own life. #RIP to all the 5 Dead. My deepest condolences.



According to a tweet of ANI, the plane crash could have been averted. They tweeted,

The incident could have been averted. Maria had told me that the flight won’t be flown due to bad weather. The aviation company is responsible for this unfortunate incident: P Kuthariya, Husband of pilot killed in chartered plane crash in Mumbai earlier today.

What comes to our surprise is the plane wasn’t even had a valid certificate of airworthiness. But, Maria’s superb decision to avert more causalities is something which can never be forgotten.



It’s sad that she lost her life due to the negligence of someone else. But, what she did is nothing but heroic, and we will never forget what she did to save lives.

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