This Girl Left Family WhatsApp Group With A Savage

WhatsApp is a messaging service in India which is less used to send messages and more used to send the forwards. And, when it comes to the family WhatsApp groups, the amount of WhatsApp forwards every day is too high.

If a youngster is there in such a group and is sharing the funny stuff, the probability is high he/she is scolded for being the way they are. Here is one such incident where a girl came out of the elders WhatsApp group after sending a final message.

All of us hate such groups and there is one such group where the stuff is shared which is not useful at all. We fear a lot of sexist gags and prank news shared in the group, but we have no other option, but to suffer in silence.

So, the story is about a girl called Namaah, who got all the bravery to ultimately quit the family group she was on and shared a savage note in the group before leaving the group and bidding a final adieu. She showed her pleasure on Twitter with a special screenshot of her message.

This is how Twitter reacted to her savage message.

What do you say about the message? She did what we all want to do in our groups. Isn’t it?

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