This Indian Actress said She has a crush on Shahid Afridi

The Pakistani cricket team’s captain is very famous in Indian Film industry, especially among actresses. Previously Indian model and TV actress Arshi Khan had admitted that she respects Shahid Afridi. The actress also apologised for making a controversial tweet about his relationship with Afridi back in 2015.



Again another actress Mahika Sharma confessed her crush on the cricketer and said she always admire him. The actress got a lot of attention due to this statement and also got a lot of harassment on social media as well.


She said ever since her teenage she is attracted to the cricketer. She made a controversial statement talking about the cricketer.


Moving forward in conversation the actress said she used to fantasies about the cricketer and satisfied herself.
She has appeared on television shows like ‘FIR’, ‘Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai,’ ‘Ramayana’ and also in Bollywood film ‘Mr. Joe B Carvalho’.



In an interview with IB times, she said when she was 13 years old she used to keep kissing Shahid Afridi’s pictures.
She added,
“When I started exploring about love, I started fantasising about him and kept myself satisfied.”


She said her madness for the cricketer has not ended even after growing up.
She also added, she would wait for the day when the cricketer would acknowledge her and greet her.


During the interview, she said it’s not a publicity stunt, and she has genuine feelings for the cricketer. However, her statement has brought her some problems for her. She still says she is crazy for the cricketer and have real feelings for him. She loved and fantasies about him from very young age. Talking about the problems that her statement brought to her she said,


“Yes, people are harassing me. They are asking me to tell my rate. Worse still, they are sharing disobedient pictures of with me. I don’t know how to deal with them.”



She added,
“Love is no big deal these days. If boys can openly talk about their crushes and fantasies, why do we girls need to have a Lakshman Rekha? I don’t believe in gender discrimination. Why can’t I be open about my desires?”

This Indian Actress said She has a crush on Shahid Afridi

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