#Trashtag Challenge Goes Viral And Is Encouraging People To Clean Up Parks And Beaches

We have seen weird challenges that went viral on various social media platforms in the last couple of years. Earlier this year we the Birdbox challenge went viral and now its #Trashtag Challenge.

But the #Trashtag Challenge is different, it encourages people to clean up their surroundings, which is really positive, the #Trashtag Challenge also highlights the fact that people who threw those can’t really pick up their own garbage.

The #Trashtag Challenge encourages people from all over the world to clean up the parks, beaches, and streets that are really dirty. The main goal of the challenge is to clean up their own communities before someone else does.

The #Trashtag Challenge has been around for years, but it was just last week that it got attention when people posted photos of before and after’s of those areas that they cleaned up.

The areas that were part of the cleanup operations included those places that were full of plastic trash, the people who took part in the challenge picked up the trash and placed them into plastic bags.

Here are some of the #Trashtag Challenge posts that were shared on Twitter and Instagram:


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