Twitter Bashes Woman When She Asks Airtel To Change Their Muslim Representative

Yesterday a woman named Pooja Singh asked Airtel for a Hindu representative as she had trust issues with Muslims. Bharti Airtel clarified this woman, but it was too late as Twitter bashes this lady harder.





Pooja Singh complaint about his Airtel DTH service to Airtel Team on Twitter. She also mentioned that their service engineer miss behaved and asked her to not call again on this number.


As Airtel always do, they replied to the tweet for the inconvenience and told her that they would get back to solve her problem. Airtel’s representative named Shoaib posted this tweet.


She replied to the tweet in a way no one can ever imagine. She replied and asked Airtel to get her a Hindu representative as she doesn’t trust Muslims.


Airtel should clarified this woman about her problem, but instead of doing this they changed their representative.


Airtel didn’t take any time and changed their representative to the other guy named Gaganjot. They didn’t mention anything about Pooja’s tweet and tried to solve her problem.


After few hours Airtel mentioned this problem to Pooja and told her that they don’t differentiate their employees and customers on the basis of caste or religion. But it was too late for them because Twitterati started bashing this lady with their tweets.

Tweerati Tweets:

Twitterati was also angry on Airtel because of their reply to the tweet. Most of them even said that they are not going to use the service of Airtel anymore.


The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah also twitted a reply to Airtel and told them that he is not going to use Airtel DTH and Broadband anymore.


Tweerati Tweets:
Along with Omar Abdullah, so many people felt the same way and they tweet about this issue which gave a perfect reply to this lady.





There are still many people in the world who judge people on the basis of their caste or religion which is not a right thing, and they will also encourage their kids to develop the same behavior they have. We are pretty much sure that Twitterati had made this lady understand her real problem.

Twitter Bashes Woman When She Asks Airtel To Change Their Muslim Representative

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