[WATCH VIDEO]: This Video Of The Baby Walking Immediately After Being Born Is Going Viral In Social Media

The traits and gait of the newborn baby are quite cute and almost nonfunctional, they can barely move lips, move or even crawl. There are many occasions where newborn kids exhibit surprising traits.

Some are born with more or fewer fingers, some don’t cry, meanwhile, others just can’t stop crying, but this baby boy is definitely a standout when compared to others.

baby walking after being born immediately

It generally takes 1 year for a baby to stand straight and walk, and barely a couple more years to spell something. This video of the baby walking off the bed right after being born is going viral on the Internet, the video is uploaded by Arlete Arantes is going viral on social media platforms, especially Facebook.

Watch The Video Here:

The video has bagged over 5.3+ million views and 263K shares as of now and is still spreading like wildfire on the Internet.

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