Watch: Chinese rickshaw puller plays Hindi songs for customers at Great Wall of China

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China and its love for Bollywood! (Source: Zeeshan Shaikh/ Twitter)

Bollywood is known for its songs and dramatic yet entertaining movies. Even the most populated country of earth enjoys Bollywood. With recent hits of Aamir Khan Movies Dangal and Secret Superstar, China really welcomed and gave tremendous feedbacks to those movies and their songs.

A couple of days ago, a rickshaw puller was seen playing old Hindi songs in the Great Wall of China, he did this to attract tourists. The rickshaw puller was playing a famous Hindi song of the movie Dil Toh Pagal Hai a movie that starred one of the best actors of India Shar Rukh Khan, the song was Bholi Si Surat.

This is just one of the incredible things you get to see when you visit the Great Wall of China, recently a Chinese woman got famous when she spoke fluently in Tamil at the UNESCO World Heritage Site after someone uploaded the video online, many were impressed of her capability to speak in Tamil.

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