You’ll Be Fired From Your Job If You Buy An iPhone In This Country

This Diwali we banned China crackers and even seen labels stating “No China Crackers Sold Here”. What if a country bans an iPhone ? Yes, it’s happening. The craze for iPhone is never-ending! Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are two of the sleekest and most powerful smartphones the world has ever seen. But, you have to feel pity for them who are afraid to buy an iPhone.

There are some companies who gift brand new cars and luxury homes for their employees as a bonus. Meanwhile, there are companies out there that have gone as far as to threaten to fire employees who purchase a new iPhone. Yes, you read it right.

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Any guesses which country are we talking about ? Well, it is none other than CHINA.

Patriotism is a big deal in China, and some companies feel that buying a smartphone from a foreign company specifically, Apple is not patriotic. As a result, they’ve issued warnings to employees: Buy an iPhone 7 and you’ll be fired. A hospital in China has also taken an anti-iPhone stance, and banned workers from buying the iPhone 7.

Instead, companies are issuing formal written warnings against purchasing an iPhone. In China, a healthcare company named Nanyang Yongkang has banned its employees from buying an iPhone and an official notice too, has been served to them.

Here’s the notice!


“The administrative office of the hospital has decided not to allow any staff members to buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus,” the hospital wrote in a memo to employees. “Anyone who insists on purchasing one will be removed from candidacy for annual rewards of outstanding performances. And those who could not afford an iPhone 7 cell phone but still bought one will be asked to resign.”

Soon this idea went viral and other companies too started following the same with their employees. Another company in Nanyang, Henan province, published a similar notice that warned staff they were forbidden from buying new iPhone 7s.

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Isn’t is really strange ? What if this happens in India ? Can you stay without buying an iPhone ? Do share your views in our comments section below!

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