You’ll be Amaze After Seeing This Guy Transformation, Lost Around 32 Kgs

We all have seen many body transformations from fat to slim in Bollywood and also in real life. The journey from fat to thin is arduous, and only some people have guts to take on the journey. Some people drop the thought of getting slim because they don’t want to go to the gym but, guys do you know that the guy who we are talking about today, stepped into a gym and he stunned everyone.



Today, In this article we are going to talk about Pundrike Bharadwaj. You may have never heard of him, but his transformation is unbelievable and motivational. In the year 2015, he weighed around 103 KG which is way more than usual. Due to this, he faced a lot of discrimination, trolling and also suffered from some diseases.

He used to feel ashamed of himself and wanted to be slim, but he didn’t have the willpower. He was trolled by his friends, relatives and even by his girlfriend. Heartbroken, He decided to do something about this issue, and then he came up with a routine after some research.



He didn’t prefer to go to the gym and started doing exercise at home. He made a list of exercises which includes Rope Skipping ( 2500 per day), Push Ups, Crunches and Squats. He also ran a couple of miles sometimes when he didn’t want to do rope skipping, but he always preferred rope skipping over running because it helps you to lose up to 16 cals per minute.

He weighed around 103 KG in 2015, and now his weight is 71 KG. He transformed entirely into a new person. He had worked so hard to lose his weight and proved everyone wrong who trolled him earlier.



He said that the diet is the essential part of your transformation as it contributes around 90% in losing weight which means that workout only affects 10% in your transformation process. He also made a diet plan which includes proteins and excludes carbs. He said that he follows his diet very strictly.
Talking about his diet, he said, his diet plan goes in a cycle which is of 3 days. On day one he eats fruits, day two vegetables and on day three he mixes both. With a cheat day on Sunday allowing himself to eat anything.

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