Brisbane Taxi Driver Parks On Cricket Pitch After Ball Smashes His Windscreen

This gives new meaning to the to the term pitch invasion. In Queensland’s Warehouse Cricket Association B1 fixture between Macgregor and Griffith University over the weekend Macgregor’s Nigel Sherborne sent a six over the rope. Unfortunately, the well time shot smashed the windscreen of the parked cab.

Brisbane Taxi Driver Parks On Cricket Pitch After Ball Smashes His Windscreen

The cabbie was obviously not impressed, he drove his Taxi into the middle of a cricket game in Brisbane. He stayed inside his vehicle, as the players and officials tried to reason with him. Nothing could move him, however, and the Queensland Police had to be called.

The Taxi Driver retaliated by parking on the pitch, while demanding the culprit come forward. After about an hour of delayed play – and several player selfies with the taxi – police convinced the driver to leave, but eight overs of play had been lost by then.

A few minutes later in the match, Macgregor wicketkeeper Brett ‘BJ’ Bednarski was hit by a follow-through from a hook shot. However, it was not a very serious injury and Brett escaped with a few stitches.

“Cops moved him on, asked us if we wanted to charge him but we said no he was already having a bad day, never seen anything like that in all my life,” Macgregor’s Troy Burns posted on Facebook.

This may just be the strangest pitch invasion of all time – and it’s given a Brisbane cricket team a game to remember.

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