Aagadu BGM Controversy! Real Culprit revealed!!

So a few days SS Thaman has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The similarity in the reference dozens “Aagadu» and Malayalam film ‘Avataram “led him into trouble, as people took Telugu composer copied it. Nevertheless, evidence was


Musical Director Deepak Dev, who works for the ‘Avataram “cleared the air now. He admitted his editor used BGM on’ Aagadu ‘as a dummy score for the trailer’ Avataram ‘without the knowledge of his from the film Telugu. Mr. Dev has shown that he had to compose the background score for the film. Trying editor to use the existing track to reduce online trailer caused a huge controversy.

Guidance on the Malayalam Music Direction, Taman sighed with relief when he is already facing a lot of criticism for the kind of repetitive melodies he composed for many years. Maybe he gets rid of the copy cat tag in the future!

In fact, the music director of Malayalam Deepak Virgo ‘Koratala Siva to direct’ Back ground music copied. ‘Koratala Siva to direct’ Teaser May 30, was released on the Internet. Later, on July 16 in Malayalam movie “Avatar” was released in the trailer. 45 days after the release of the trailer, the background music will be copied in Taman ..? original material to learn Telugu media has been accused of Taman.

Many times Taman has faced this copy rights problem, now for the 1st time he defended him self in front of media.

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