Arcade Claw Grabber In China Uses Real Dogs As Prizes

Usually in an arcade claw grabber, you try to grab a prize, and usually, you win something like a toy or something more special. But this is not the case in an arcade in China, a claw grabber in the country allows you to grab real alive dogs as prices.

The video has caused anger and serious outrage to those who have watched it.

In the video that was shared online, you can clearly see actual living dogs inside a glass container. The clip shows the dogs crammed in small buckets as the claw drops and tries to grab one.

When the video ends, you can see a person collecting one and holding it in his hands.

The real location of the video is still not clear, but the man who shared the video, Daniel Schneider, a Biologist, shared the clip on Twitter and had this caption, “Some of those puppies in that game in #Japan are real. WTF. RT. #BeKindToAnimals”

After the video went viral, many said that the clip was shot in China.

Many people were concerned about the dangers that are posed by the claw grabber and the fact that the dogs are being kept inside a glass container that looks very small and could possibly have unsanitary conditions.

The Director of PETA, an animal rights group, Elisa Allen called the video as ‘a matter of life and death’.

During an interview with The Mirror, Elisa Allen said, “Animals aren’t disposable toys, and PETA urges Chinese authorities to look into this video as a matter of urgency – if the dogs are real, it’s not a harmless arcade game but rather a matter of life and death. Live animals – including lobsters, turtles, and crabs – are commonly sold in claw machines across China. They can easily be hurt by being repeatedly dropped, and some have been left to endure a painful death from dehydration or starvation.”

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