Baahubali Star Rana Daggubati Says “SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I EXISTED”

Rana Daggubati not just derives his name from his grandfather D Ramanaidu’s name, but also loves him the most in the world. Rana Daggubati better known as Rana. In 2010, He made his acting debut with the Telugu blockbuster Leader for which he received the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut – South. He appears as Bhallaladeva in the epic movie Baahubali. We only know his one side of his life, there is the other part where his personal and private life exists.

Baahubali Star Rana Daggubati Had His Heart Crushed and Here's Why


Early Stages :

Rana when askes about his early and growing stages of life he says “We literally grew up in the world of movies. In fact, my most precious memory with my grandfather (producer) Ramanaidu was watching film rushes with him. Every week, we would watch a film or two as a family.I not just derives his name from his grandfather D Ramanaidu’s name, but also loves him the most in the world.”

The Bangalore Days Touched Rana Alot

Bangalore Days which was a very big hit movie, was also the favourite of Rana Daggubati. When asked regarding this Rana says,”I was so touched when I watched the film Bangalore Days, I could so relate to it with the cousin getting married and then how you accept the new person into your life and family. It was truly a slice of life movie and I jumped in when I got a chance to star in the movie and the character I play (Fahad’s role in the original) happens to be my favourite.”

Crush Of Rana Daggubati:

Yes even Rana has a crush at his scools days. When he was asked about his dream girl he says “I think I was in seventh grade when a new girl joined my school. She was my senior and every boy in the school wanted to talk to her. I had spoken two-three words to her. Four years back, I got a friend suggestion from Facebook, it was her and of course, I immediately sent a request and she accepted! But then, she chatted and asked if we knew each other. She had accepted my FB request because we had lot of mutual friends from high school but she simply couldn’t place me. There, she didn’t even know I existed.”

Friends :

Baahubali Star Rana Daggubati Says

Rana when asked about his friends says “My cousin (actor) Naga Chaitanya was my first best friend. He was this very sweet kid that you can’t help but love. Our families went on vacations together, so we spent a lot of our childhood days together. Even last week when we went to Vizag, our families had put us in a single room, they didn’t realise the boys have grown now. Ram Charan and I were classmates and our parents never really wanted us to be together. We used to be such naughty little devils that it drove our families mad.”

Heroines Carry the Film on their Shoulders

Many think that heroines has a very nominal roles and they are just kept for the pretty look on screen. But the question posed to Rana regarding the role of heroines in movies he says,”When you say that women roles are cliched in Telugu cinema, I would suggest you to watch Baahubali. The three women – Ramya Krishnan, Tamannaah Bhatia and Anushka Shetty  have aced their roles and literally carry the film on their shoulders. Personally, I appreciate the way heroines like Trisha, Anushka or Nayan Tara have held their ground and the other night when we were promoting the movie, we could see the way people were cheering for Anuskha. She is a hero in every right. The audience has put them up in high pedestals and deservingly so.”


Making Movies :

Baahubali Star Rana Daggubati Had His Heart Crushed and Here's Why

Rana who is very much interested in making movies says, ” I used to write a lot when I was young and recently, I was reading one of my earlier entries on what I wanted to do in life. Basically, I had written that I wanted to experiment on everything in movies – be it production, visual effects or acting. To this day, that’s what I have been doing. Learning from the mistakes I have made and finding my strengths. And now, with Baahubali, it is truly like a child’s dream come true. It was physically taxing (I had to bulk up for the warrior look and take up 6 months of martial arts training) but we enjoyed the process and to be a part of something that has never been done before was such an learning experience.”

It is the insight of Rana Daggubati personal life. Hope Baahubali brings him more success to his career and keeps in the top position in the film Industry. All the Rana and Baahubali Team.

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