Baahubali Story Leaked: Movie Inspired by Kannada Classic ‘Mayura’?

Everyone is busy in booking tickets for the most awaited film Baahubali. As the film is releasing tomorrow, all the fans are struggling to get the tickets for the film as there is a huge demand for the film. Now we have stunning news for you that the story of the movie has been leaked. Now this is the news which is roaming in social media. The reports are saying that the Baahubali has been inspired by Kannada classic film “Mayura” starring late Rajkumar.

Here is the story line of the film. There was a king called Amarendra Baahubali (Prabhas) who rules the kingdom of Mahishmathi. People live happily in his kingdom. A cruel minister (probably played by Nassar) joins hands with Rana (an evil king of another kingdom), who attacks Baahubali, kills the king and captures the kingdom. The kingdom goes under the hands of Rana and he put a huge statue of himself in the kingdom and he changed the people as his slaves.

Baahubali vs Mayura

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Rana tries to kill Amarendra Baahubali’s Wife (Anushka) and his son. But the son escapes from the evil king as Anushka been captured by the army and makes her prisoner. Evil king couldn’t find her son who was left alone nearby island. The villagers who saw the little boy takes care of him and named him as Shivudu. After many years, one fine day a king Tana’s daughter Avanthika (Tamannah) visits the island.

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However they both fall in love and it makes Prabhas to visit her kingdom. Here Prabhas is told about his past and he decides to take revenge on evil king. He uses his tribal army to attack the kingdom and take over it, which is now ruled by Old Rana (Balladev). The rest of the story is how Prabhas faces the evil army and defeats them. This story looks like exactly the story of the film “Mayura” that was played by Dr Rajkumar, Srinath, Manjula and Vajramani in lead roles.

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