Meet Baba Deep Singh, The Brave Sikh Warrior Who Fought Holding His Head In His Hand

Legend has it that after getting his head almost chopped off in battle, this Sikh warrior continued fighting with his head in his hand. He is one of the most hardcore freedom fighters to ever live. He is revered among Sikhs as one of the most hallowed martyrs in Sikhism and as a highly religious person. The brave Sikh warrior we are talking about is Baba Deep Singh Ji.


Baba Deep Singh was born to them on January 26, 1682. His parents were very hard working farmers in Amritsar, India. When he was 12 years old, he traveled to Anandpur Sahib with his parents to meet Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Tenth Sikh Guru). From there onwards his journey started and he is remembered for his loyalties to the teachings of the Sikh Guru’s and sacrificed his life to serve an example for all Sikhs on how to live and die with Dignity and Glory.

baba deep singh - The Brave Sikh Warrior Who Fought Holding His Head In His Hand

In 1748 that Baba Deep Singh was entrusted with the leadership of the Shaheedan Misl, when 65 jathas (battalions) of the Dal Khalsa were reorganized into twelve misls. These misls later formed the foundation of the Sikh empire of the 18th century in the Punjab region.

Baba Deep Singh Ji fight Beheaded:

Ahmad Shah Abdali, the emperor of Afghanistan, appointed his son, Tamur Shah, as the governor of Lahore, and made Jahan Khan his general. In order to destroy the source of the Sikh’s spiritual strength, he ordered Jahan Khan to destroy Sri Harimander Sahib. Many Sikhs died trying to defend Sri Harimander Sahib.

Baba Deep Singh Jee Shaheed with head on hand

When Baba Deep Singh Ji learned about this disturbing news, he immediately declared his intention of expelling the Afghans and rebuilding the gurdwara. Baba Ji and all the Sikhs fought with great valor and courage that the enemy was almost defeated but soon after large army of reinforcements arrived for Jahan Khan’s men but Baba Ji and Sikhs continue fighting and advanced towards Amritsar.

During the clash, both Jahan Khan and Baba Ji swung their weapons with great force, leaving both of their heads separated from their bodies. But, he continued fighting picking up his head and carrying it on his palm, whilst continuing to fight, reached the periphery of Harimander Sahib.

Before entering the battlefield, he is believed to have said: “May my head fall at the Darbar Sahib”. He finally breathed his last at the Golden Temple, and the place where his head fell is till date marked as a holy place within the temple.

baba-deep-singh-ji-head fallen in Golden Temple

Here are few other Amazing Superhuman Feats of Baba Deep Singh:

  • Baba Deep Singh Ji fought with the double-edged sword of 32lbs (15+ Kilograms). Although Baba Deep Singh Ji was ~75 years old, but he carries the strength of a young warrior.
  • Guru Gobind Singh Ji also taught him the art of horsemanship, hunting, arms training and the use of the bow (archery) and other weapons.
  • Baba Deep Singh Ji was a master of many languages including Gurumukhi, Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic and several other languages.
  • Baba Deep Singh Ji hand wrote many copies of Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Baba Deep Singh Ji killed Wazir Khan who was responsible for Guru Gobind Singh Ji younger Son’s Shaheedi.
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