“Bearded Bride”: Harnaam Kaur May Change Our Concept of Beauty Simply Stunning

Harnaam Kaur, a 24-year-old Sikh woman grew up in United Kingdom is endeavouring to break the notions about beauty and set as an inspiration for everyone who are struggling hard to survive in this superficial world. She has learnt to flourish her simplicity by flouting the norms of modern day society. Harnaam Kaur is a common woman looks like a man at first glance as she has a masculine feature, unconditionally with a beard. She began to grow her facial hair at the age of 11 as she is suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome that leads to excessive hair on face and body.

Harnaam Kaur-Bearded Dame posed as Bride

Harnaam was diagnosed with this unconditional disorder at the age of 11 and put many efforts to remove hair on her face. She used different techniques such as shaving, waxing and applied many hair removal creams, but nothing could help her to get rid of this abnormal condition. Later, at the age of 16, she stopped shaving her hair as she was baptised as a Sikh. Consequently, she was bullied by her relatives and even by some strangers. She was extremely depressed by mistreatment from the society and then started to harm herself. She couldn’t tolerate the criticism from the society and even contemplated suicide.

Harnaam Kaur : Most Inspiring Dame

A strong realisation hit Harnaam Kaur that led her to self-counsel. She started to think positively and that cognizant decision turned all her negative energy into positive energy that led her to get a hold over her life. She turned completely as an optimistic person. Harnaam never looked back after intensifying body-confidence and anti-bullying activist. She started accepting herself completely and is now encouraging others not to get depressed because of some unconditional things within you. Now, she proudly ventured out into the public to show a strongly diversified and confident woman. Harnaam is regarded as a “Bearded Dame”.

Harnaam Kaur-Feels Proud of her Beard

Bridal Photo-shoot

Louisa Coulthurst, a British photographer of Urban Bridesmaid was captivated by Harnaam Kaur’s confidence and asked her to model for a shoot for her website. She was really enthusiastic for the offer and immediately accepted to model a shoot for the photographer’s website. She posed as a bride with floral beard and the photo shoot has become unique and extremely beautiful. She gave an interview for Rock and Roll Bride in which she shared few words:

“Today I am happy living as a young beautiful bearded woman. I have realized that this body is mine, I own it, I do not have any other body to live in so I may as well love it unconditionally.”

Photoshoot by Harnaam Kaur

Bridal Photo-Shoot of Bearded Dame

Harnaam Kaur-Bridal Photoshoot

Harnaam must be considered as an inspiration for all of us who fights against our internal battles that we face every day and strives hard to accept to ourselves in regard with our appearance and ignore what society contemplates about us. Never degrade yourself and accept yourself.

“Women, Learn to Respect your Body, regardless of your so-called blemishes.”

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