BJP Leader Jitendra Soni Robbed Of Gold and Cash in Madhya Pradesh

Jitendra Soni robbed in Madhya Pradesh's Barwani area
Jitendra Soni robbed in Madhya Pradesh’s Barwani area

BJP Leader Jitendra Soni was robbed and attacked at the Barwani Area in Madhya Pradesh, this is the same place where police found a dead body of a Leader in the same morning.

Jitendra Soni is a Jeweller and is the Vice-President of the BJP in their local area. When he was returning from the market, a group of men robbed him and attacked him with a rock. They stole 30 kilograms of silver, cash, and gold from him.

A Senior police officer told us that “A blood-stained rock was found at the crime spot,”.

BJP Leader Manoj Thackeray was taking his routine walk in Madhya Pradesh, after a few hours later his body was found dead in a field nearby.

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