BJP’s National Membership Drive: Join BJP, Apply Online, Be a Member

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has on Saturday ( November 1st ) launched its National Membership Drive. The drive began as Prime Minister Narendra Modi enrolled himself as the first member of the party at the headquarters of the BJP located in the national capital (New Delhi). Modi became the first member of the party, followed by Amit Shah. While speaking at the launch of membership drive, Modi said that it is a matter of great pride for him to be a part of BJP. He added that the BJP members live the disciplined life the party demands and every member represents the people of the nation. The membership drive will last till March 31 and aims for making the BJP one of the largest political parties in the world.

BJP membership drive: Modi enrols himself as first online member

BJP’s National Membership:

Speaking after the launch of the drive, the Prime Minister said that the BJP has given him immense praide by giving him this opportunity. He then said that as soon as the drive begins, everyone will have to become a member of the party again, adding that he is going to become the first member.

Amit Shah, who also  spoke during the event, has said that the membership with the BJP ends “Every six years, membership ends within the BJP. As soon as this drive starts, every one will have to become a member again. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Assam to Gujarat, we want everyone to come together,”. The drive, which will continue till March 31 2015, is aimed at enrolling four times the existing party workers in all states.

“Put your everything into it…Like you do during an election campaign…It (the drive) should become an inspiration for parties across the world,” the prime minister told the BJP cadres. Earlier, party chief Amit Shah said that to make the country strong they should associate themselves with the government and the party.

J P Nadda, who is the National General Secretary of the BJP,  who had spoken about the membership drive of the BJP on Friday, had said that  party, aside from the age-old method of form-filling, was also making use of technology, and that the party would be using online registration as well as launching an exhaustive process of campaigning.

“The membership drive will continue from November 1 to March 31, which will also have special campaigns and days for women, students, youth and businessmen,” Shah said.

Shah said the party’s aim is to have three times its current membership from the current 3.5 crores. “This membership drive has to be taken differently by all BJP cadres as the party is in power now. This membership drive is very important for the party. Once more and more people get associated with it, the party will be strengthened and so will the country and the country”.

JP Nadda also said  that the party will also release a mobile number which will be a tool for the membership drive.
“We are going to touch all corners, all sections of the society through this membership campaign. We have planned an exhaustive campaign schedule”.

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BJP membership drive: Modi enrols himself as first online member

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