Blind Man’s English Cricket Commentary Will Leave you Stunned

One of the most interesting features in a game of cricket, apart from the play on field, is the insightful commentary provided by the experts while being seated miles away from the field. But have you ever heard a blind man commentary?

Blind man amazing cricket commentary

However, that is exactly what happened when in an interview conducted by Indian actor Varun Pruthi, a blind man provided sharp analysis on a cricket match between India and Australia, also recreating the sound of the crowd once in a while.

A Blind Man’s English Cricket Commentary will leave you Stunned

Intresting Fact About Blind Man’s Commentary:

The intresting fact is the blind man you have seen in the video doesn’t know English. When Actor Varun asked how did he manage to learn English. The man replies that, although he doesn’t know the language, he has managed to learn by regularly hearing cricket commentators go about their business. He learned English only by listening to Tv and Radio eventhough with some disability.

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