Charmi is Now Ready for Lip Lock

Punjabi Beauty Charmi worked in Tollywood Industry about 10 years and still she have not yet done with any lip locks.

She will be very clear about her terms and conditions and would deal curtly with her directors all and  things happened when has lots of movies in her hand. But now she have no movies and it’s almost end of her career. She is now spending her time by being active in social networking site by posting pictures.

She don’t want to end her career like this .Before  getting married she wants to get some opportunities to act in a good movies.

Charmi Kaur Kissing Lips Spicy Pic

Recently she posted a picture in which it represents that she is kissing the viewer. All those who saw that picture say that charmi is indirectly telling that she is ready for any sort of kissing scenes.

Even Film industry even respect her efforts. Hope she leaves the industry on a happy note..

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