An Open Letter To Shah Rukh Khan From A Country That Calls Him A Pakistani Agent!

Stormed over the controversy over the Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan’s “Extreme Intolerance?” true Indian shares his inner views through this open letter.

Dear Shah Rukh Khan,

Like most of the times, you sound truly reasonable and pleasing in the current times sharing your valid thoughts with us all when it is needed and not to be silent. You have been always trying to as frank as you can clearing up questions over your views over various social stigmas with all sensible answers.

shahrukh-khan extreme intolerance comments

Were Loud and Clear Without Any Political Interest

When most of the stars and public personalities are withholding themselves from speaking over the “Extreme Intolerance?” you stood up to share your thoughts without ditching the challenge. While what has invoked to say “the most disgusting thing for you was when your patriotism was questioned?” while giving an interview to Barkha Dutt.

Perhaps as like most of the times you vamoosed when instances such as blasts, moral policing, lynching of a man in the name of religion, youngsters are prone to honor killing by khan panchayath and many a times. Though you might have enlightened us how to speak a gorgeous lady through many of your odd movies while how did you managed to draw a blank over your birth place?

Sadhvi Prachi comments on shahrukh khan

I think we are no more a nation which is in need of good Muslims or good people. We are in no need of people who’d sound off about being shouted upon. Perhaps this why you were called a Pakistani Agent by Sadhvi Prachi calling for your departure to Pakistan. Possibly this could be the reason behind BJP leader Kailash Vijayvarghiya dared to say your “Soul was in Pakistan.” Like many across the nation, I wonder what made Vijayvarghiya to ask why you were silent on the 26/11 bomb attacks.

Ought to Fly Back to Pakistan Basing Your Views

By chance, Kailash Vijayvarghiya repeated his political strategy of blame game mayhap your extreme intolerance comments and the  26/11 bomb attacks. This feat of Vijayvarghiya might have made the people across the nation, at least learned people who aren’t influenced by the extreme groups to chuckle out in the laugh. I could recall you saying “One of the biggest folly of youth was being young and stupid” in an interview given by you a decade ago at the age of 40.

I am amazed to see you unchanged yet many things have changed in this one decade of time period. You had no belittling intentions and motives behind expressing your thoughts as most of times while still you have been made fun of doing so, you statements made tv channels to cast on a special program and what not every possible publicity stunt made its way, while you still tried to be calm and determined to speak when the time comes.

shahrukh khan indian origin question

You were so clear-cut bringing in people to stay united with your views while still there are some people who have problem with it calling a sane comment to be wicked and partial breached. You made it sure that your statements prove out to be the answers of many allegations which could be alleged by these wicked so-called extreme group leaders, while they are babbling out yet against you with insensible comments.

Like many of us you have every right to be part of the nation which has vast diversity in its unity being a citizen born in India, born to India’s youngest freedom fighters, an Indian cinema superstar and above all a great human being to live in India. While we are not pretty sure whether these babbling leaders of right-wing groups, BJP party and many other do have any such right, if consider their statements and ideologies.

– A proud Indian like you.

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