Passenger Live-Tweets Couple’s Epic Breakup On Plane

A woman decided to share the awkwardness of a couple breaking up with each other next to her by live tweeting the whole messy affair. The couple, who simply could not wait to get behind closed doors to end their relationship, started rowing on a plane – and Kelly Keegs kept us all informed. In fact, the break up was so popular that #PlaneBreakUp soon trending worldwide as tweeters wanted more info at how the whole thing unfolded.

“This guy on the plane just broke up w his girlfriend and she’s SOBBING,” Keegs tweeted, along with a photo of the poor girl crying.

Check out passenger live-tweets here:

The 90 minutes long conversation loaded with details was trending on Twitter and sprouted too soon. While the girl sobbed post her break-up, Kelly celebrated thousands of new Twitter followers.

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