Do You Know What This Small Cylindrical Device At The End Of Laptop Charger Is?

Have you ever wondered what this small cylindrical thing or device at the end of your Laptop charger is? Many of you may don’t know what it is and why it is fixed?

Small Cylindrical device

You think it is useless knowing the reason of its use. But computer geeks and technology freaks must have to know and it is really important.

Ferrite Bead

This cylindrical device is known as a Ferrite Bead. It is an inductor (passive electric component) that suppresses high-frequency noise in electronic circuits.

Ferrite Bead Conductor

This ferrite bead isolates laptops from electromagnetic noise, either from the waves picked up by the wire or from the existing noise in the AC-DC converter or the AC line.

waves in the wire

This device employs the excess of high-frequency currents in a ferrite ceramic and helps build high-frequency noise suppression devices. This bead isn’t that necessary all the time, but its inclusion helps laptop pass FCC tests.

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